WinX DVD Ripper

Imagine the following situation: you bought a DVD and after a few years noticed that he started to introduce some kind of failure. Suppose is not something very serious, thus enabling to create a backup copy of the content. How to solve this situation? Simple! Just find a program able to extract (“rip”) the content of the DVD and save it to your computer.

For the task, the program indicated may be the WinX DVD Ripper, it because with it you can create a simple backup, choose the format in which it is saved, and increase the quality of the copy, both in relation to the video about the audio. The possible conversion formats are AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV and FLV (there is also the option “To Music”, which should copy only music DVD, however it didn’t work to be tested).

The WinX DVD Ripper also supports all types of DVD, since the normal, passing by the protected with CSS, commercial to the Sony ArccOS. Another possibility is to be able to identify DVDs of any one of the six regions, besides getting to circumvent copy protections and be able to burn DVDs without any restrictions.

Simple to use

There are no secrets how to use WinX DVD Ripper, because in it you need only define from which drive extract the contents, for which format to convert, the quality of such format and click on “Start”. But don’t overdo the quality because by putting a very large, two things can happen: either the conversion even begins, or it will take a few hours. Moreover, even when placing the maximum quality, there is a possibility of such a change does not improve the video quality.


Above you gave a complete description about the WinX DVD Ripper and its functionalities, know now what we think of him The WinX DVD Ripper is a program able to extract the contents of any DVD type (independent of the region and being protected or not copies), then the video extracted to any one of the formats supported by the program. Print speed varies depending on the chosen quality, however it can be said that she maintains a considerable average.

Use the WinX DVD Ripper is very simple, that’s because simply define which drive is the DVD, choose the desired quality for print, as well as the format, and click on “Start”, being only necessary to wait for the process to finish after that. When choosing a quality higher than the original to the copy, there is a chance she could get better, but it depends on the chosen video more than the program.

A problem of the program lies in the fact that he presented the copy failures only audio from the disc. This may have happened as an option for paying users, but that doesn’t explain the fact that such an option be there, even if I can’t be used. Anyway, the WinX DVD Ripper is a great program, suitable for those who want to create backup copies of your DVDs. Additionally, its look is beautiful, is easy to use and allows you to choose the quality of the format to which the conversion will be made.