Russian group information leaks about unreleased Windows 9

Windows 9
The next update of Windows 8 may bring back the start menu (image source: Lifehacker)

The WZOR, Russian group specializing in anonymous leak confidential information about the Windows system, sent on Monday (21) to the website BGR some details about Microsoft’s plans were unpublished for the future of your OS. According to the leaked data, Satya Nadella aims to launch a second Windows 8.1 update by the end of this year, baptizing it as Windows 8.2 and bringing back the good old start menu.

Later, in 2015, the company must announce Windows 9, which will bring a slightly revamped interface – but still with the minimalist style adopted in the current version of the operating system. The members of WZOR go beyond and claim that alleged Windows 9 will be released as a free update for those who have purchased Windows 8/8.1/8.2 original.

The most interesting, however, is yet to come: the latest information released by the mysterious group concerns a new OS that Microsoft would be theoretically developing. Baptized as Windows Cloud, the system would be based on cloud and would require constant connection to the internet for use of all its resources (such as the Joli and Chrome OS). This version is completely free, but who could afford a premium membership to gain additional features which were not disclosed.

It is worth noting that none of this information was confirmed by Microsoft – it seems we still have to wait another month to find out if these speculations are meaningless or not.