WhatsApp Status Saver

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature in which we can add stories to our status. This is something similar to Snapchat and it certainly makes WhatsApp better than any other messenger. Some of our friends also update some amazing videos which are worth saving on the phone but until now there was no way to save these picture or video stories at all. After searching through the google play store we found an application which makes it possible to save the status on WhatsApp and here are the features of the application.

Features of WhatsApp Status Saver
• So the main job of the application is to enable you to save the photos and the videos which are shared on the WhatsApp. The application does it really well and the interface of the application is certainly plain and simple which makes the whole process easy.
• These photos or videos can be downloaded on your phone with help of the application and then you can save that as a memory or you can also go ahead and share these videos with friends.
• It also makes it possible for you to repost the story or the video. Until now this was not possible but the application is certainly changing that.
• The application also has a media viewer which makes it possible for you for you to view the photo as well as video statuses which are downloaded by you.
These were some of the features of this amazing application. In addition to this, you must always seek approval of the person before downloading their photo or their video as it is more of your moral responsibility. You must not download and repost the content without the approval of the person.

Now talking about the general review of the application, the application has a good rating of 4.4 stars. The application still hasn’t received a lot of reviews but it still has a significant number of reviews in the basket. 80% of the reviews on the application page are 4 star and 5-star reviews which is an assurance of the usability of the application.
Talking about the total downloads, the application has been downloaded by 50 thousand to 1 lakh users and almost everyone is an active user. In addition to this, you can install the application on any phone that is running on Android 4.1 or above. The application doesn’t lag at all and one of the reasons for that is that the application package has a really small size. This also means that the application would not occupy a lot of storage on your phone. The pictures and videos may, however, occupy a significant space and you might want to clear them time to time.
You can also download this application and start saving and reposting all the interesting videos or photos on WhatsApp. To download the application, simply click on the link mentioned below and install the application from Google Play Store.

Here is the link : DOWNLOAD