Turn your Mobile Camera as Powerful webcam, HD quality

EpocCam is a webcam application for iOS, Android and Nokia. With the program, it is possible to talk and be seen through the Skype messengers, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Chatroulette and other programs and online chat sites, ensuring high quality audio and video transmissions.

A great advantage of the app is the transmission of HD video, overcoming gender applications. Besides, he’s not part of the service, or any commercial banners, making his one of the most attractive interface on the market.

The program can be used by anyone who is not satisfied with the computer itself. Most of them does not provide good image quality.

With the application, it is possible to have a video, but the audio is improved only in the paid version. The better your camera phone, the better the image will come out on the screen.

To operate, install a small driver, corresponding to the Windows or Mac operating systems, and then installing the application on your phone. Connect your phone to your computer, connect the mobile device’s camera and open any Instant Messenger (Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, etc).

Now just take the opportunity to talk to your friends with a well above average quality, 720 p HD. application has already been compared to the more expensive models and webcam won in matches. More than 1 million users have already downloaded.

The program makes automatic detection of connection in your PC or Mac, just find the “EpocCam” as soon as you open your Windows Live Messenger, Skype and other similar software. EpocCam runs on Android version 2.2, in appliances with iOS 4.2 or higher and in Nokia phones.