Tellspec: the scanner that identifies all the ingredients in your food

If you are allergic to common food or need to follow a diet restricted enough to eat, there’s a good chance you know the difficulty involved in the Act of discovering which ingredients were used on your meal. This happens for the simple fact that not always the food vendor knows how it was done or this information simply aren’t available.


Thinking about this problem, a Canadian startup has created a scanner which is called Tellspec. So as you’ve probably guessed, the function of news is to inform you all of the ingredients used in the meal you’re about to ingest — and the coolest is that the product has a somewhat futuristic appearance.

Discovering the secret of cooks

The scanner is really very small, and can be used as key ring, for example. In addition, he works with Android and iOS operating systems and can be recharged via USB. The working method has no secrets: through a system that uses light, the device collects spectroscopic data on foods prepared on your plate.

Then, this information is sent to the system database, so that data are interpreted and sent to your smartphone or tablet. With it, you can find out if the Cook used a lot of salt, which is the secret ingredient of his grandmother, among other features of this genre.

Alert even for allergies

However, Tellspec’s work doesn’t stop here. The scanner is also able to tell you the amount of calories that will be ingested and if there are any allergen — IE: element able to induce allergies in you. Because of this, the news can be really helpful for those who need to follow a restricted diet.

For now, the Tellspec is not being sold. However, those responsible for the project are already accepting pre-Easter shopping worth $ 320 (about $ 730, without due taxes), and with it you get the scanner and have one year of free registration in the database. After that, the registration will cost $ 7.99 ($ 18) per month or $ 69.99 ($ 160) per year — for more information, click here.