Cross your arms and fix way more comfortable on the Chair to read texts on the internet, with this app for Google Chrome. The Teleprompter automates the scrollbar of the browser and makes the text go down (or even climb) automatically.

The name of the add-on is derived from a very common equipment in tv news, which is coupled to the cameras so that the text can be read by the presenter. The difference is that, on TV, the telepromter’s text is passed by a person, not mechanically.

The speed of the scrolling text can be controlled by a small bar, which arises as soon as the application is activated. The program uses shortcut keys for easy navigation, how to change the direction of scrolling or changing the speed at which the text goes on.

The Teleprompter also allows adjustments to be made. You can set an initial speed, change the minimum and maximum range speed, set the position of the TrackBar control, among others.

To access the menu of the program and make these changes, locate the icon of the TelePrompter (a green arrow with two directions) on the right side of the navigation bar of Chrome and click with the right button. Then, click “options”.There are three ways to display the content. The first is from the simple selection of a database organized by artist or title. The second is based on a list of user-defined execution (each can be up to 30 songs). Finally, there are five sets of 48 buttons, and each button can be assigned to a file extension supported.


This app already comes with 100 hit songs, and you can upload and download new songs with chords and lyrics from the developers ‘ website. He also has a library of 50 tracks to accompany any rhythmic content.Above you gave a full description on the TelePrompter and its functionalities, know now what we think of him

Who uses the Chrome and usually read a lot on the internet may have found an interesting complement to the browser. Teleprompter is ideal for reading long texts that require the user’s constant “rolling” of the page.

With the speed adjustment, so people who read too slowly or too quickly can be quiet when using this application. This option is visible on the page, and can be changed at any time, which is great if the reader wants to change the rhythm of reading.

The user will not find it difficult to use TelePrompter. The usability of the application is simple and the options menu also. So, just activate it and seek a position quite comfortable in your Chair.