System app remover

system app removerSystem app remove pro is an advanced tool for uninstalling applications that can help you get your Android any type of program with just a touch. To remove an app, simply select the desired item from the list and then touch the icon shaped like a dumpster of upper-right corner of the display.

The utility separates the programs installed in two main categories: “User” and “System app appp. In the first list, are shown the apps you’ve downloaded and installed some external store, like Play, for example.

In the second category, System app remove pro loads applications that came installed by default in your device. It is necessary to take great care with these items, because the removal of some elements can cause stability problems on your Android.

Safer applications to be removed have a green label with the text “Could remove” (Can be removed). On the other hand, other items can be marked with the tags “Should keep” (to stay) and “Key module (System). It is important to note that System app remove pro only works on machines with root access.