South Korea wants to block smartphones of students during class

smartphoneNeither looks like the same country: while South Korea advances in the recognition of e-sports in university environment, she also studies and tests applications that block the smartphone of students from colleges in the region.

Responsible for the crashes is the iSmartKeeper, a remote control application for Android that restricts the use of applications and functions of a cell phone. The South Korean authorities ‘ idea is to reduce the distraction of the student during the classes, in addition to encourage only the use of educational services in the room.

There are six possibilities: disable the device, freeze the use of apps, allow just some tools work, free emergency calls, just General calls or all calls and text messages.

Complete control

The application has already been tested in about 11 schools in the capital Seoul, but not all the institutions have adopted the service. Some refused because students already worked up in changes in cell phones to circumvent the blockade. Other received complaints that the latch was just inside the walls of the school, leaving the smartphone unusable for hours in the student’s home.

And the controversies go beyond: the tool is only for Android phones. They are the majority in the country, but students with iOS devices or Windows Phone would not have any kind of lock. One of the provinces of South Korea which aims to implement the iSmartKeeper claims that more than 670 schools in the region should adopt the application.