Sidebar For Android ( Multi Window)

sidebar for android multi windowMulti Window is a program that aims to stop the use of your Android device a little easier.

To do so, the application attempts to play the multiple-window feature seen in the operating system made by Samsung, TouchWiz. Thus, the software inserts a lateral shortcuts directly on the home screen of Android.

To work, the Multi Window allows you to even configure which shortcuts should be there in that new section. Just push the button positioned on the top of this bar and begin to select the desired applications.

If you want to remove a program from there, the process is basically the same, that is, press the shortcut in the form of a pencil, at the top of the Multi Window, and then click the “x” in every bar icons.

Multi Window is a program that aims to make it easier to use the Android. To do so, he enters a sidebar with various shortcuts to your favorite applications. The software allows you to choose which software will be included, something important to such a program.

The shortcuts work well and, in fact, give access to the corresponding applications. These are the two points that can be highlighted positively in the Multi Window. That’s because the software promises to behave like multiple Windows system from Samsung, something that doesn’t happen in no time.

To start, simply is not possible to split the screen and use two applications at the same time through the program. There are also a lot of advertisements on your home screen gets in the way a lot of the configuration of the application.

In addition, whenever you “call”, you will automatically get out of the program that you are using and is forwarded to the initial screen of the Multi Window, which displeases a lot, after all, the shortcuts will lose much of its functionality. On Google there are Play dozens of programs that offer similar tools, but much more functional, such as the Sidebar Lite, for example.