ShutApp – Real Battery Saver

shutappShutApp-Real Battery Saver is an application that allows you to disable all applications that are running in the background. It is especially suitable for those who are uncomfortable with the battery discharge and pop-up notifications.

The program can disable all applications without disabling the Bluetooth or WiFi. Through it, you will have an Android that works more efficiently and douradora. Save energy and let the program do it for you.

To detect and compensate for the execution of applications running in the background, ShutApp-Real Battery Saver can help to save the battery power and reduce the use of mobile data. Find out what’s draining your resources and turn them off!

Above you gave a full description on the ShutApp-Real Battery Saver and its functionalities, know now what we think of ShutApp-Real Battery Saver is an application with triple function: it eliminates applications running in the background saving battery, reducing the consumption of mobile data and canceling notifications that don’t matter.

The program works in a very simple, since all you need to do is touch the button Shut so that it review all programs that are being used by the system in the background and draining your battery and network data.

Stop, pause or uninstall
After he does the analysis, the program will show all applications that are running in the background, so that you decide what to do with them, disable them, uninstall them, or force their interruption.

This part is the most problematic of ShutApp-Real Battery Saver since it shows the “Application information” page of each of the programs every time you run it. And it’s not always so simple to decide for disable, uninstall or force the interruption, since, in many cases, none of the three options can be applied.

Easy as pie

ShutApp-Real Battery Saver still displays on the home screen the amount of battery being used with the use of background applications as well as the amount of data usage. It is important for you to decide whether to do a clean or not.

The program interface is very simplified and clean, making the application very nice and easy to use. With a few clicks, you will be able to perform all of its features without any difficulty.