SanDisk Memory Zone

sandisk memory zone

SanDisk Memory Zone is the ideal application to manage internal and external memory of your device. Simple and functional form, you can view everything that’s taking up space and move items to the memory card.

The application is divided into three types: internal, external and online. The internal capacity of devices with Android (in particular of smartphones) is usually small.

For this reason, many users put applications and other items on the SD card from the device. The two memories are displayed in detail, specifying how many photos, music, videos, documents and applications they have – and how much free space remains.

Each item can be deleted or passed from one memory to another. In addition, you also has online storage. SanDisk Memory Zone is compatible with Dropbox, Box, Google Docs and Picasa. Just enter your username and make the transfer of the files.

Finally, the application still provides an option for backup and restore, which can put the entire contents of the internal memory of the device on the SD card as a backup that can be restored at any time.

Above you gave a complete description about the SanDisk Memory Zone and its functionalities, know now what we think of SanDisk Memory Zone is a great app. Easy to use, with a beautiful interface and organized, he offers several options for content management of internal and external memory device.

Its highlights are on the backup and restore option, and compatibility with online storage services. That is, it is not necessary to install other applications to access and manage these services, in addition to being able to do file transfers in simple way.

SanDisk Memory Zone is not perfect. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to view the contents of Other Files (other files), listed in the memories of the appliance. In addition, instead of open management options (only available with a click) the app opens photos, images and files when you click on an item, a function that could be reversed.