Rounds Video Chat & Calling


Rounds Video Chat & Calling is a instant messaging that allows you to hold videoconferences with your friends. Just that they have an Android, iPhone or iPad application compatible so you can interact with them without any time limit.

In addition to simply talk with other people, you can share several contents with them. You can send pictures and videos present on your device or simply share links from YouTube and other sites without the conversation is interrupted.

To make things more fun, you can apply a series of effects to images sent to your contacts. In addition to being able to apply distortions in your face, free drawing tools make it possible to completely change your look, making you become practically unrecognizable.

Above you gave a complete description about the Rounds Video Chat and Calling features, & know now what we think of
Rounds Video Chat & Calling is a chat application that was specifically designed to allow video conferences full of colors and many funny drawings. However, the appcom some shortcomings.

During our test, the program managed to establish conversations quickly, but not all the effects offered by he worked as expected.

Just kidding

Not all special effects and editing effects were displayed to the other person, and share content proved to be an impossible task. So, the only option I had was to talk normally through the software — having to deal with waiting a few seconds between the time that a sentence was said and received.

Taking into consideration these issues, the Rounds Video Chat & Calling is not a good idea if you need a real Communicator. However, if your goal is to just play, the application will surely surprise you.