Review Of Small Business Accounting

In India lots of small businesses have sprung up in the recent times as young entrepreneurs come forward to strengthen the economy of the country. However managing and operating a small business is not as simple or small as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. One of the biggest challenges comes with the accounting aspect. If the person who started a small business have nothing to do with accounting, he can find it really hard to deal with the financial matters. Plus hiring an accountant may not be feasible or affordable for the company. There’s an app that can help startups and this is called Small Business Accounting.

When we reviewed the Small Business Accounting app, we were happy to find that is so easy to use even for people with non-financial backgrounds. This app works for both small and medium sized businesses. It has been customized specially to suit the unique requirements of Indian businesses.

Another thing we really liked about the app is that it is packed with numerous features that make it an amazing choice for business owners. It comes handy to keep a track of all your customers and save their complete information including the complete records related to the money transactions. All these data is stored right on your mobile device so you have access to them anywhere anytime.
What’s more? The Small Business Accounting is a free app that can be used in Android. There are absolutely no limits on the usage of this app so download it on your mobile and you are ready to go.

Features of Small Business Accounting app

• It can store extensive information regarding the customers at one place
• When a customer calls you, their complete information is displayed on the mobile when they call.
• It can easily import the contact details using your mobile phone’s contact list
• It allows you to create infinite Invoices, Estimates and Sales Receipts as required
• It allows you to send SMS or email to customers from the mobile app
• You can use the software to receive the payment for invoices
• You can use the app to handle VAT and service taxes depending on the Indian rules.
• You may easily keep track customer transactions easily in one place

When you open the app, you will many options such as customers, invoices, sale receipts, items and settings. The customers section contains the list of all the existing and prospective customers of your business along with their complete details. The invoice option allows you to easily generate bills while the sale receipts let you create sale receipts just as the name suggests.

There’s also a settings option that allows you to customize the app to suit the unique requirements of your business. The app allows you to create complete profile of your customers including their name, phone number, email, fax, shipping and billing address.
So, download the app by following the link and take the stress out of managing the finances of your small business.