CamStudio : Record Your Computer Screen

cam stuidio 1If you want to capture the screen of your computer to perform some tutorial in video, CamStudio can be a good choice.

With a relatively simple interface, the program allows you to capture the entire screen or just a region for an unlimited period and without placing marks d ยด water.

Installation of codecs

Whenever you work with captures and video editions, it is important to have codecs installed and configured correctly on the computer. If you don’t have any package, it is recommended that you download the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and install it on your PC.

Then, if you want you can download the codec made by own program to encode the video in the best way and with great quality. He called CamStudio Lossless Codec โ€” click here to download it.


The first step before you start recording the screen actually is to configure the program so that it meets your needs. First, click “Options” and select “Video Options”. If you installed the codec of the program, the best option is to select it in “Compressor”. You can also define what the quality used in the capture and frame rate (the recommended option is to leave the “Auto Adjust” checked).

cam stuidio 1

In “Options” you will also find the “Cursor Options to define how the mouse pointer should appear in the capture (hidden, different, highlighted etc.). You can also select not to capture any sound or record audio from a microphone or speakers.

The option “Autopan” is for the video follow the mouse pointer while you do the capture (if not the entire screen). It is also possible to define shortcuts in “Keyboard Shortcuts”, to facilitate their work and make his greatest productivity. So, just a button to have the program start or stop capturing.

Starting the capture

The main interface of the program. To begin capturing the screen, you must set before what exactly will appear in the video. To do this, click on “Region” and set if you want only one part of the screen (“Region”) a fixed area (“Fixed Region”) or the entire screen (“Full Screen”).

After that, click on the record button (the red on the main screen of the program) to start the capture. You can also use the other buttons to pause or stop.

When finished, the program asks you the location where the video file should be saved. It is also possible to save the video in SWF (flash format), to go to the “Tools” option and select “SWF Producer”.

Above you gave a full description about CamStudio and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The CamStudio is a program that complies with ease the main objective to capture the computer screen. The interface is really simple and easy to use, but still allow advanced settings, such as the choice of the codec that is used when you save the captured video.

The result is good enough for video tutorials, for example. But the low rate of frames in the capture (sometimes 10 fps) can be harmful, depending on the situation. Set shortcuts to use the program is a good idea to make it even easier. The main positive points it is possible to cite the lightness of the program, the ease of use and the fact that it’s free.