Daum PotPlayer is an application for playing audio and video with numerous features, support for themes, captions, playlists, TV channels, DVDs, audio effects, various plugins, and more. It is based on the famous KMPlayer, one of the most well respected programs of the genre.

The PotPlayer is a simple application and it works basically like all other multimedia players. You can select hundreds of video or audio files to be opened in sequence and then control by control panel present on the screen of the player.

Audio and video

You can create playlists to watch several movies and listen to songs in sequence in Daum PotPlayer. The program supports virtually all existing formats and does not require the installation of codecs to run the files. Simply drag them to the screen program and the fun soon begins.

Several options

By clicking with the right mouse button on the application window, you have access to a large number of options. From there, you can set general options or related to subtitle files, profiles and video and audio effects, filters, video aspect, size and resolution, change the subject and some other options.

Above you gave a full description on the Daum PotPlayer and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Daum PotPlayer is an excellent option for those looking for a complete and practical program, is to listen to music, be it for watching movies. Its highlight is the amplitude, because it supports dozens of different media formats, supports playlists, has control of subtitles, and more.

In short, what this means is that the Daum PotPlayer can handle practically any multimedia you need have, all in an intuitive environment, which facilitates the understanding of all its tools.

Another interesting point is discretion, because the program works from a gift icon in the Windows notification area. That way, you have access not only to the screen of the application, but also to all of your tools. This makes the management of the program something more simple and efficient.

It can still be highly customized, with different behaviours being changed manually (even if it should or not display icon in the Windows taskbar). The number of advanced options cannot be left aside.

The Daum PotPlayer, you can use an equalizer to control the audio, advanced tools to control the color, brightness and contrast of your videos, a control panel for managing subtitles, plus a series of keyboard shortcuts that ensure quick access to virtually everything that the program offers.

Perhaps, the only setback of Daum PotPlayer is the language. As he offers a plethora of features, many cannot be leveraged to the Max for this small barrier. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing to complain about, because here is a powerful and easy-to-use player.