Pop Player

Pop Player is a video player for Android that brings several cool features to you take greater advantage of your gadget. In the same way that other breeders, all supported videos are listed on the initial screen of the program.

There are three viewing modes: “GridView” (Grid View), “ListView” (list view) and “FolderView” (display per folder). You can find the options at the top of the screen.

When playing a video, simply tap anywhere on the screen to show the controls. One of the most interesting options on options button, is “POP Out”, with which you turns the player into a resizable window that is processed in the background.

Above you gave a complete description about the Pop Player and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
In Pop Player, you find a video player for Android quite common, however, has a few extra features that are not usually found in applications.

pop player

The interface presents an interesting layout that stands out for its good organization, providing an intuitive usability. Furthermore, the system makes a automatic scan and find all compatible videos stored in the gadget, you have to navigate through the directories of your memory card.


During playback, the controls are exactly the same as those found in other programs of the genre, which should not bring any difficulties for people used to other software.

However, the option of sharing via DLNA and the possibility of reproducing a video in a floating window add up to enough points to the app, since these resources are not seen very often in free programs.