PIN Genie Locker- Screen Lock and AppLock for Android and iPhone


This is a recently developed application for phones running in Android OS. The purpose of creating this app is to protect your device from hackers or from any outsider who get access to your phone. A number of ways are being developed day by day to access your Smartphone which can create a big problem for you to keep your device safe and secure. This is one of the best security option to secure your device’s PIN as it uses Patent PIN Genie PIN Pad Design and interesting thing about this app is that it shuffles the PIN every time you enter it to your smartphone. It blocks the multiple way to track the device PIN that smartphone hacker can try out.

Features of PIN Genie Locker- Screen and AppLock

 Advanced and reliable security by shuffling PIN of every attempt.
 Lock the phone when correct PIN is not provided for 3 times.
 Notification through e-mail in the cases of fail login attempts usually made by the third person.
 Captures photo from the front camera if wrong password is made.

PIN Genie Locker for Android

This is the best security app available in the Play Store which helps you to keep your phone gallery, media and messaging apps secure from the unauthorized person. It comes with four buttons with 3 different numbers in each button which shuffle every time so no one can trace your password even after he sees you typing it. Besides security function, it also gives you the update of weather in the lock screen itself. Apart from that, it offers the varieties of Full HD and HD Wallpapers which are automatically updated to your lock screen. If you are bored of your PIN pattern then you can use the other different ways of unlocking the phone like Traditional PIN Pad, Pattern PIN and its own plus exclusive PIN Genie PIN Pad. It is the highest rated lock-app in the Google Play Store with a rating of 4+ Star out of 5 Star and falls under top 10 category of application with high customization and utility. Till now this application has made 50 Lacs downloads. With the download and installation of this app you will have to give access to this app to your Contacts, Gallery, Media, GPS and Notification. In case you forget your password, you can get it recovered with the help of your email ID and Security Question that you may have chosen at the time of app sign-up.

PIN Genie Vault for Iphone

This application is available in Apple Store with the name slightly different than that of named in Android. As you can see in the heading above it is named as ‘PIN Genie Vault’. It has not much more identical features than that available in Android. The features like End to End Encryption enables the user to encrypt the files via Dropbox and E-mail. The highly secure AES256 algorithm is used by this app in order to make the phone safe. The same security system is used by US Government and different intelligence around the world. The app available in iTunes Store comes with the in-built camera which helps to take photos directly and make it secure through this app. Now coming to the security in browsing, it won’t record your browsing history. It has also the feature to create a fake password in order to keep privacy in front of your friend. It is a very heavy app around 95 MB in which all types and formats of data are secured. To enhance the level of security, this app synchronizes your iCloud Account and encrypts your file and data to iCloud.
Here is the link given below from which you can download the said application in your iPhone-

Here we have discussed on the latest and the best security app that has been created by the developers to keep your all the data secure. This apps have recently been provided the updates in order to fix the minor bugs and make improvements. Try this app downloading from the links provided above and let us know through the comment box how much secure and reliable the app is. Keep in tune with us for more such updates.