OpenShot Video Editor- A Video Editor of New Generation

Finding a good video editor can be tough. The one that comes pre-loaded with windows doesn’t have much of functionality and most of the good video editor software is costly. In such a case, there was a requirement for a video editor that is easy to use and at the same time that doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket of the user. OpenShot came to rescue as this video editor is a powerful yet free and open-source video editor which gives you the topmost functionality.

Features of OpenShot

• The best part about the video editor is that it has cross-platform support as it can be installed on Linux, Windows, and Mac. This is always an add-on because of the universal compatibility.
• The video editor is not just for editing videos, it can also help you in editing the audio clips and in addition to this, it supports almost all known audio, video and image formats.
• The application also comes with animation framework which can be added to the videos to enhance the video output.
• The application has a really nice Graphical User Interface as the application enables you to drag and drop the videos in the necessary frame so as to edit the videos and merge them together.
• Some of the applications also have a limit on the layers that can be added but this is not the case with the OpenShot and in addition to this, it is possible to resize, trim, rotate and cut the video clip as per the requirement.
• Moving ahead, it should be noted that you can add the watermarks onto the video and there is also a video transitional feature available on the application. The video editor also empowers you to add the titles and these titles can be added in a 3D format as well.
• OpenShot doesn’t compromise on the accuracy as well and you can add the content with the frame accuracy. It is also possible to view each and every frame of the video and along with that, you can also map the time of the video.
• Lastly, it is possible to change the brightness and another such aspect of the video.

The overall review of the application is excellent and there is no complaint about the performance of the application either. The application doesn’t go unresponsive and the video output of the application is quite commendable. If you are looking for a Video Editor Software which is easy to use then this one is for you.
Download Link
Below is the download link for the OpenShot Software and the software is compatible with Linux, OS X, and even Windows. Talking about the windows installer, the 64 bit of the installer is available and you the software is compatible with all Windows 7, 8 and 10. You can follow the link and select your operating system. The download will start automatically and later on, you can initialize the setup file to start the installation of the Video Editor.