Neighbourly: Get Answers to your Questions from Neighbourhood

There are many apps and platforms that you can use to get the answer to your questions. This has certainly made things easy for you but it can still be difficult to find an answer to the question about your local neighbourhood. This was one thing that was difficult to find the answer on even after searching on google. The search giant Google took this very seriously and it decided to come up with an app which will resolve this issue. The name of the app is Neighbourly and let us now look at this short review of the app.

Features of Neighbourly

Locality Specific Questions – There are question and answer forums which do not really help you in getting the locality specific answers but this is not the case with Neighbourly. The app helps you in getting the answers specific to your locality or neighbourhood by classification as per the geographical boundaries.
Be an Expert – You can be an expert in your area by sharing the answers to the most complicated questions. People will approach you for your contribution to the community and that certainly gives a feeling of satisfaction.

Voice Support – The application also supports local language for you and you can use the language that you wish to ask the questions. This makes the app more user-friendly and more accessible to people.

Secure Platform – The platform is very secure and it safeguards your identity as well as the personal details. You do not have to worry about that with Google’s secure network.
General Review
One thing that you must be aware of is that the application is still in Beta phase. The final version of the app has not been released and Google is still working on the development of the final version of the application. Even after being in the development phase, over 1 Million users have downloaded the app and they are using the app regularly to help the community. The ratings of the app are not yet available as the app is in the testing phase.

Talking about a general opinion, the app is widely accepted and it is loved by the people. They are easily able to get answers to their question with help of the app. lastly, the version of the app is quite user-friendly and seeking answers to the question is very easy. You can even check the similar questions with help of the app and get the answer without any wait.

Compatibility and Support

The application is still under development so you can surely go ahead and download the app on your phone as it has been made available via Google Play Store. The app is stable and you don’t face any such issues. If you face any issue then you can also go ahead and help the google in debugging the app.
To download this app from Google Play store, you can simply visit the link below and it will redirect you to the Google Play Store for this application.