mPassport Seva – Apply for Passport from Mobile

I had to apply for a passport and I was not able to do because of laziness. I was just too lazy to switch on my computer and apply for Passport. It was getting delayed and no one was happy with the delay. During an outing, my friend suggested me to use mPassport Seva App to apply for the passport and the beauty of this app was the fact that it allowed me to apply for the passport using my mobile. This wasn’t possible earlier and I was totally impressed. This was an end of laziness and hence I decided to write down a short review about this mPassport Seva App.
Let us start by looking at the features of the app and then we will talk about the General Review and other aspects of life.

Features of mPassport Seva App

The app replicates the experience that the user gets on the web portal. The application lets you use all the features that are available on Web Portal. You wouldn’t need to login to your computer at all.
The app lets you apply for a passport and the workflow is the same. It is also very user intuitive which makes it further easy to apply for the passport.
In addition to this, you can check the status of the application with help of the app. You can use the fee calculator and you can also check the locations of the passport Seva Kendra using the app.
Apart from the features mentioned above, the app lets you check the appointment availability and it also lets you check the affidavits. You can even download the format of the affidavits that you need while applying for the passport.

General Review

Talking about a general review, the application has a 3.9 stars rating. Some of the users have mentioned that there is a bug in the app but during my use, I didn’t face any problem so I am not sure if the bug is phone specific or if it is sporadic. It could also be possible that I downloaded the recent version of the app which had enhancements and resolution to the bugs. Anyways, the app worked fine for me and if I talk about the number of users using the mPassport Seva App, the number is over 10 Lakh. The app truly replicates the experience that you get on the web-browser while using the Passport Seva Portal.

Support and Compatibility

In terms of Support and Compatibility, you must note that the app requires a minimum of Android 5.0 and above to be installed on the phone. Also, the application needs just 2.1 MB of space to be installed. There is not there major hardware or software required for the application.
You can also download the app and it will make it easy for you to apply for a Passport. To download the app, you can click on the download link below and it will redirect you to the application page of Google Play Store.