Mobizen : Mirror Your Android / iOS Devices to PC

Mobizen is a program that mirrors on the computer screen of your smartphone or tablet equipped with Google’s mobile operating system. So, you can see everything that goes on in portable electronic monitor directly from your PC. However, this application goes beyond and makes it possible for you to even interact with Android.

In this way, you can view photos, play videos, listen to music, write documents and even play games on the platform of the Green robot using only the computer. Is valid to point out that, for the service to work properly, you also need to install the version of Mobizen on your Android. Click here to download it.

There and here

Promoted by Mobizen connectivity between the laptop and the computer can occur in three different ways: via USB cable (the most fast and stable), through a WiFi network or even for 3 g and 4 g data networks (in these cases, it is suggested that the band used has good speed to avoid lags and drops of connection).

After the synchronisation of devices — you’ll learn how to do this in the next topic —, it is possible to do more than just view what is being displayed on your smartphone or tablet and interact with it using the keyboard and the computer mouse. The Mobizen still offers additional tools for a better experience of interaction.

Among these features, are capturing screenshots, recording videos and creating drawings with virtual brushes. Finally, the offers still function Mobizen transferring files, enabling you to send photos, videos, music and any other type of content from your PC to Android, and vice versa.

How to connect the devices

Before we can explain the procedure to be performed, it is important that you are with the USB debugging mode enabled on your portable electronic. If you do not know how to proceed, click here to check out a tutorial with the complete procedure. Once this is done, follow the steps below:

  • Install the app from Mobizen on Android;
  • Make your registration on the service through this mobile application;
  • Connect the portable electronic on your computer via USB cable (this step is required in the first connection between the devices, but then you can choose to synchronize them via WiFi or 3 g data networks and 4 g);
  • Download and install the version of Mobizen for Windows;
  • Login into the program installed on the PC.

Above you gave a complete description about the Mobizen and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you’re looking for a way to interact with your Android, wants to register some actions that have occurred on your smartphone or tablet or need to transfer files between the laptop and the computer, it’s worth experiencing what Mobizen has to offer.

Access, record and download

More than mirror the screen of your gadget on the PC, it allows you to command resources, apps and games Google system directly from the machine using keyboard and mouse. That is, you can pass absolutely everything that is displayed on the display of the gadget for the monitor.

The Mobizen differentiators are the functions of capturing screenshots and videos and sharing photos recordings, music, among other types of content — functions that are rarely found in other software in this category.

Connection flexibility

Another very positive point of Mobizen is flexibility on time to connect the devices and synchronize data. You can choose to establish a connection between the laptop and the computer using a USB cable, a WiFi network or a network of 3 g and 4 g mobile data.

This characteristic gives great freedom so that you can take advantage of the functionality offered by the service in different situations and locations, is sitting at the table in the Office, on the living room couch, airport lounge or in the dentist’s waiting room.

Modern and functional

Mobizen interface has a modern look and cool — the program including identifies which is the handset used and applies a frame that mimics the actual electronic. More than beautiful, the structure of this application is also well organized, bringing together in a single screen all resources available.

In this way, its interaction with the software occurs uncomplicated and can be easily assimilated by anyone, even by those who do not dominate the English. Perhaps those who do not understand very well that language can find a bit of difficulty in time to set it up. However, none of the doubts that may arise will be so complex that a brief internet search does not work.

As for the performance of Mobizen, we have a caveat. Although he performed all actions led as it should, the reproduction of the laptop screen on the computer presented an answer somewhat slow, even by using the USB cable, and this may annoy people hoping for a faster performance — an example are developers who need to test their apps and games.