Machinarium coming to Windows Phone for $ 4.49


After receiving versions for Android and iOS, Windows Phone’s turn to receive a version of Machinarium, a game-art that caused a huge stir when it was released for computers – and now lives a second wave of success in mobile devices.

Released in 2009 for PC and Mac, Machinarium is a “point and click” which tells the story of a little robot named Josef, who, after a long hibernation, wake up in the middle of a pile of garbage in which it was played.

The game is a puzzle richly detailed, hand-drawn and which presents a visual style streampunk, as well as a fascinating story told without any dialogue. Machinarium is available on devices equipped with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, occupies 221 MB of space and costs only $ 4.49 (just over 10 dollars).

Machinarium for Windows Phone

Machinairium for iOS

Machinarium for Android