Curved Smartphone LG G Flex starts to be sold in India

First smartphone with screen and battery curves from LG and premiere of this technology on phones sold in India, the G Flex has already begun to be marketed in the country. The price suggested by the manufacturer is 22,699.

In February, the LG had already confirmed the price, that goes for the unit unlocked (i.e. without accompanying data plans of carriers). Although it was already available in various online stores, official product launch through here will be in the Digital Experience event 2014, in that other brand devices will also be available.

lg curved phone

Several Indian online stores are already with the unit in stock, all respecting the original price. If you choose to pay cash in the Bank or debit card online, however, it is possible to get a considerable discount promotions.

Flipkart, for example, put the phone to 22,375 .12 under these conditions. Shoptime already lowered the regular price for 2 2,429 .10, offering interest-free payment by as much as 12 times.

Price like that is practiced by the Fast Shop: 2 2,451 .26 in sight. On the Sub, it can go for 2 2,564 .05 with a single payment. The site of Naptol also already has the smartphone, but offered no discounts.