Lexis Audio Recorder / Editor

Audio Recorder is an application that enables audio recordings in a few clicks. In addition to recording, you can replay the captured audio and edit it according to your needs.

Despite the tool be available to other Android devices, she will present 1 1 best performance in smartphones Sony Xperia, since the application was designed by the Japanese company for their own gadgets.

For beginners and professionals

The application is ideal for professionals who work with and interviews, as well as voice recordings, there is an option to optimize the quality of a recorded music or talk. Was on some show and decided to record audio with the application? You can optimize the file of the song soon after.

If you have conducted an interview, for example, simply select the option “Talk” so that the software will recognize the type of audio you are working at the moment. To use the tool, the only button required to start recording is the known icon “Recorder” (which has a red circle in the middle).


Let the audio just the way you want

After finishing a recording, it will be stored automatically on your smartphone or tablet and you can delete it later with just a click. About editing options, there are some essential features, such as the tool to cut, the wind filter (which will “clean up” the audio) and the option of “normalization”, that is responsible for balancing the sounds.

After your file is edited, you can share it by email and Bluetooth, or add it to Dropbox through file sharing icon.Lexis Audio Recorder / Editor is an application that fulfills its role very well and will make life easier for many professionals. The captured audio quality is excellent, but, depending on the device, the gadget will need to be very close.

The list of recordings is very well organized, since the interface is one of the best things of the application. All functions can be located quickly and no rookie will be lost on the few, but good resources offered.

Edit the recorded audio is extremely easy and within minutes you will be cutting and “cleaning up” the recording. The “wind” is a useful resource and will be essential to make the quality even more professional.

Anyway, if you need a quick recording tool and easy to understand, so don’t hesitate to download the Lexis Audio Recorder / Editor. The application gets right to the point, has few resources, but all essential for an enviable audio capture. One bright spot for Sony.