KineMaster-Video Editor

KineMaster is a complete video editor with which you can create high-level productions using the photos, footage and songs stored in your gadget. To start a new project, touch the “+” button in the upper-right corner of the display.

The first step, “Choose Media, allows you to select the material to use in its creation. You can add more items later, so don’t worry if you forget something. Later, in “Title”, you define an optional text input and submission to your video.

In “Choose a theme”, the app offers four basic layouts for you to use. However, you can download dozens of interesting options in “Download Themes”. Each theme has its own transitions, backgrounds and animations.

At the end of the initial phases, the KineMaster finally loads the full editor. The design is similar to that of other publishers for computers, with a timeline at the bottom of the display and a quick access menu to the right.


Above you gave a full description on the KineMaster-Video Editor and its functionalities, know now what we think of
If you are looking for a complete application and really professional to create videos on your Android, the KineMaster is without a doubt one of the most interesting options that you can find for free on Google.

Step by step

At first, the program displays a step by step guide in which are shown the main features of the tool, which is excellent to guide beginners and help them create your first clip.

The interface is very well organized and, even on a smartphone, it is easy to move in the video and on the controls. Despite this, the KineMaster will be much better enjoyed on a tablet, since everything works in landscape mode.

For all tastes

The editing tools available call enough attention for quality and variety. There are many beautiful themes, transition effects and editing possibilities are performed through simple touches and gestures.

When you select an item in the timeline, immediately opens a context menu with additional options, enjoying the maximum available space on the screen. You can also undo and redo actions in case of mistakes.

Complete, but not free

During our test, using a Galaxy S3, the KineMaster proved to be extremely fast and efficient. Any modification in the video is rendered in a few seconds, and the final file can be compiled in three different resolutions: 1280 x 720, 960 x 540 and 640 x 360.

Despite the praise and the excellent possibilities, the KineMaster is not exactly a free software, since you need to pay a monthly or annual subscription for the right to export the creations without a watermark.