ITRC Rail connect

India is being developing in the technical field. The railway department is not an exceptional case that also have involved in the development. They have been launched an application for rail ticket booking purpose. This is been launched by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism corporation (IRCTC). This facilitate people to book railway way ticket very simply and it can be considered as the intention to implement cashless economy.

Until here people are getting fed up on waiting infront of reservation counter for hours. Now if they are having a smartphone they can do it very simply. There is no doubt that this application would help people to reserve their seats in train. IRCTC says that coming generation would use this application as E-ticketing.

It had brought limited changes to the application availed before in the name of ‘IRCTC connect’. This application loads very fastly. In the present calculation it came to know approximately eleven lakh of people are using for e-ticketing service.

The people who have used the old version can access the new app with same email and password. The application has provided facilities to change password if it is forgotten with the the corresponding verification.

irtc For booking the ticket. People using application for the first will need to provide 4 digit pin code before clicking on train ticket icon. And for the prospective transaction this pin code must memorised. For booking ticket, we can give the name of the station and see the train on the particular date.

Under the name of each train we can see the list of available coaches.

If we entered in train ticket menu we can see history of the tickets we have purchased and also there is option to cancel tickets.

The application also contains extra facilities where you can even book meal by downloading the application through this rail connect app.

This application would help people to alleviate the efforts that are been faced by people on the recent times. This also helps to implement cashless economy. People can aware about the train list and about the available coaches where ever they are. They don’t want to stay in line for hours and waste their time and energy.