iPhone 6 Pro: concept impresses with elegance and the firsts


Is something ordinary: whenever we approach the release of a much anticipated smartphone, designers from all over the world put their creativity to the test and start to draw concepts as the new device can imagining (or should) be.

Many Internet users have tried to predict the appearance of the next model of iPhone, but few can be as innovative and impressive as the video concept which opens this news.

Christened simply iPhone 6 Pro, the project is authored by ConceptsiPhone team and presents a very different design from that of Apple products currently available on the market. With square corners and only 7.2 mm thick, the imaginary device has a rear camera to 16 MP and a 3 MP front, plus a small sensor capable of measuring the user’s heart rate.

Going beyond

The great differential of the concept made by ConceptsiPhone is the Home button (that wins a colorful LED that illuminates to warn of new notifications) and a stylus pen (called iStick) which is stored inside the appliance itself. Moreover, the conceptual smartphone draws attention because of a curious attachment demonstrated in the second video that you can see just above.

Yes, this is an official control of Apple in which it would be possible to fit your iPhone 6 and enjoy games with all the comfort that only physical buttons can provide. How human creativity has no limits, responsible for the concept still added two projectors in such gamepad: a front capable of designing the mobile screen and an ass that can create a holographic keyboard for typing longer texts. And you, enjoyed the idea or thought too fanciful?