iPhone: 11 tips to save you the most of your smartphone’s battery


Passing year, coming year and Apple launches a new model on the market, and the devices iPhone continue consuming too much battery — the author of this article is user of the gadget and witnessed this situation since the iPhone 4. Besides, the lucky (?) that have updated their devices for iOS – version 7.1 that has the lowest error rates in the history of the system – reported via Twitter and Apple support page that the update is still consuming more battery.

If the next iPhone to follow to the letter the battery consumption of their predecessors, we have almost two hours of use; i.e. loaded, go to work or school and that’s it. All kidding aside — with a kernel of truth — with the tips that we present, you will be able to save 15% to 30% of battery, depending on the amount of suggestions applied.

Mission: to save iPhone battery

1. decrease the lighting of the screen while you are not using the appliance. Go to the “settings” icon on your iPhone, locate the option “background images and Brightness”, disable the “automatic Brightness” and adjust it manually.

2. Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, does not need to be enabled at all times. Voice commands may consume a lot of your valuable time. To disable this tool, go to: “settings”, “General” and “Siri” — let the key as shown in the image below.

3. your gadget doesn’t need to download music, applications and updates automatically, so, go to “settings”, “Itunes and App Store”, and disable all the automatic transfers (including free).

4. you don’t need your iPhone vibrate for any type of notification. To avoid this, go to “settings” tool and “sounds” to disable the options “Vibrate when you touch” and “vibrate when muted”.

5. The “localization services” use GPS, data from WiFi access points and cellular towers to determine your approximate location – this function swallows your battery without mercy. Go to “settings”, “Privacy” and “Serv. location” to let the tool inactive.

6. one of the major responsible for high battery consumption of your appliance is definitely the 4 g/3 g connection. When you are not using your Apple device, spare your time after battery change available in “settings” and “mobile” to turn off the mobile network.

7. you are not always connected to the internet through a WiFi network, but know that your gadget is always looking for a wireless connection. Go to “settings” and “Wi-Fi” to disable the search across the network.

8.Your phone needs to be blocked as soon as possible after use. The auto lock function must always be set to “1 minute” and, to do this, simply access “settings”, “General” and “auto-lock”.

9.As well as the tips regarding WiFi connections and 4 g/3 g, Bluetooth is another wireless communication tool that needs to be disabled so that you can save a little more of the battery of your device. Go to “settings” and “Bluetooth” to manage the resource.

10. The AirDrop, file-sharing service via WiFi developed by Apple, also need to be disabled to save battery time on your iPhone. On the home screen of the device, drag your finger up to gain access to the menu shown in the image below. Press the tool AirDrop and allow it to idle.

11. have you noticed that your iPhone updates the e-mail automatically? Yes, this feature is also a good consumer of battery and should be disabled. Go to ‘ Settings ‘, ‘ Mail, contacts, calendars “,” Obtain new data “and” Push “to disable the function.