IMO chat and video calls

IMO chat and video calls is an Instant Messenger, which also incorporates a service of voice and video calls.

If you love chat via messages, will be able to express themselves with several free stickers, plus sending photos taken at time and images that are already on your device.

To use the service, you must create an account and register your phone number. Confirmation of your registration is carried out by means of a text message or a voice call containing a code that must be entered in the application. So, don’t forget to add the area code of your city, otherwise you will not receive the SMS or call.

Talk to whoever you want

Registered your code, the program calls for the completion of your full name and your age. So then he checks in your phone’s address book to assemble a list of invitations that you can send to your friends so that they also install imo free video calls and chat.

The application brings an alternative to Instant Messenger with support for voice calls in addition to the traditional text messages. Even the links have high sound quality. With respect to written communication, it is possible to create groups with other participants and enjoy the items provided for the interaction.

The program is light and does not use many features of your device in all modes of conversation offered, being a good alternative for someone who also has a more modest device.

Above you gave a complete description about the imo chat and video calls and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
IMO chat and video calls is an application for you to share messages and photos, plus make calls to their friends who also have the application. Valley just warn that the program went through a complete redesign, since this is now a standalone application that does not support the use of bills of other messengers, at least in its version for mobile devices.


To use it you need to create an account that records your phone and email. Do not forget to put the area code in time to enter the number, because there’s a confirmation made by SMS or by voice call. Once your registration is completed, just invite your friends to enjoy the features offered by the program.

Even something that can be considered as a negative point is that the program still does not seem to be very popular in Brazil, at least in its new version. Thus, it may be that you have some difficulty to find contacts that already use it at first.

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The interface of the program deserves emphasis, because it manages to keep everything organized, making the data easy to find and available in the form of button. Similarly, it separates its functions from a menu of easy handling so that you can have a visual identification quicker than you need.

The suggestions of friends displayed by the application are based on both your phone number and your email address, since the program makes a verification of their agendas of contacts. On the issue of written messages, the program is very thorough, relying on field to text, stickers, sending images and the possibility of creating groups to talk.

The links rely on video and both the image and the sound have high quality. Generally speaking, it can be a good tool to share content and exchange messages with their friends via smartphone.