Google Input Tools For Chrome

google input tools

Google Input Tools is an extension for Chrome that adds new methods of text input in multiple languages.

With it, you can switch the keyboard layout to accept typing of texts in different languages with a few clicks, without the need for any other software installed in Windows.

Are accepted more than 50 different languages, since the Brazilian Portuguese to the Japanese, Chinese and Indian.

Changing the input language

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed, an icon is added next to the Chrome Tools menu. Clicking on it will show the languages being enabled for use, as well as the current input language. As this is the first time that the extension is being used, you should start by adding the languages.

To do this, simply click on the icon, choose the extension options item to the list of languages to be opened. Now, just select one of the languages listed in the table on the left and use the arrow to drag them to another frame.

After you have finished the selection, close the tab with the languages. Note that the languages you just list in the right-hand frame should appear available whenever you click the icon for the Imput Tools in the browser.

Click on one of them will change the input method immediately, causing the text that you type in any of the fields of the browser appears in the selected language, as shown below:


Note that the texts will always be in the language you have chosen while the language changer is active. To disable it, just click again on the icon and select the option to “Disable” to turn back the input method for the original model.

Note that Imput Tools icon also changes, getting colorful when some special language is in use, or in black and white when it is disabled. For some cases, a virtual keyboard pops up in the corner of the browser window to help you identify the new layout.

Above you gave a complete description about the Google Input Tools and features, find out now what we think of him
Google Imput Tools can be of great help for those who need to type texts in several different languages, but without going through the complicated process of installing new languages in Windows.

The operation of the extension is simple, allowing you to add and use new languages very easily and use them in any browser text field. The virtual keyboard also AIDS in time to identify which button is positioned each character.

Enable or disable the change in input language is also easy, just that you click the toolbar icon. Unfortunately, the new input languages are only available within the browser, making it impossible for you to use the languages in other Windows applications, such as in Microsoft Word.