GenMyModel :A web tool for the creation of UML models with collaborative options

GenMyModel is a collaborative online tool that enables the creation of UML models. Moreover, the software allows the creation of codes in Java, Spring, and SQL. They are mounted using the UML2 metamodel and can be exported to SVG formats, JPEG, PDF or UML/CMI.

How the application works online, you don’t even need to install any machine. The system serves primarily so that developers can view the programs on standardized diagrams. Therefore, how the tool works in cloud, several people can work with the visualization of the project in order to thus make it more intuitive.

Entering the software

The first step to create your template is to make a register on the developer’s website. In it, simply enter a username, valid email address and password. Once this is done, you can start a new project or to continue with an existing one.

Within the software itself, you find a number of preconfigured templates that can be adapted according to your needs. Some of the items included are: Online Shopping Cart, Adapter, Library Management, standard designs, check box, rental system, shopping card, bridge etc.

GenMy Model

The tool also has some sample uses preprogrammed. That way, you can navigate between various tables and know which one fits best to your system. As the program has as its aim to provide a collaborative environment, she has a built-in chat system. Soon, you can chat with other developers and establish new parameters.

Create your project

There aren’t many secrets to build a project in the program. Click “+ New UML Project” and indicate the name of the project, the model adopted and the privacy mode (private or public). Once this is done, you can invite other employees by clicking the “Add collaborators” and inform their e-mail addresses.

If you want to, you can also create copies of the project, aiming to keep up with all the modifications and changes that were made in the process. The Publisher of the application has the primary tools for developing a project, including packages, classes, interfaces, data types, attributes, numbering, links to reviews, generalization, import etc.

To facilitate the process of documentation, the application has a built-in tool that acts as a text editor. That way, you can create all the paperwork for the project from his own online tool. There are also functions to create keyboard shortcuts and expedite the process of development.

Our Opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the GenMyModel and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The GenMyModel is a simple tool to create projects. With it, you can call various employees and working in online mode and with the support of integration with the cloud. Visually, the software is very user friendly and offers several functions that can be coupled in the model.

It is worth noting that the software acts as a programming tool, but as a helper for creating projects. However, he has integrated code generators to deal with Java, SQL and Spring, and you can even send them to Github.

The chat tool and collaborative functions allow several people to work on the same model, being this a primordial function to work between different teams. Like all collaborative mode is web-based, it is not necessary to install anything on the machine.