Galaxy S5: video shows smartphone in water resistance test

Galaxy S5

We’re approaching the debut of Galaxy S5 in stores and nothing more natural than news, demos, information and results of tests done by specialized media — who had access to copies of the cell before the release — arise all the time on the web.

After the comrades of the site Russian hi-tech Mail they housed the proof strength of the appliance to water — test in which the S5 did well — the Russian Mobile Review also decided to also examine the device from Samsung with IP67 certification this time filming experience.

The smartphone was submerged a metre deep in a container filled with a lot of dirty water. They left him there for 8 minutes before pulling it back. To ensure that the appliance passed the examination, a call was placed to verify its operation. Fortunately, the test was a success.

IP67 Rating

It’s always good to remember that the certified IP67, present in the Galaxy S5, ensures greater device protection against solid particles, abundant in very dusty environments or in buildings. Its resistance to liquids is ensured only when it comes to water jets or temporary immersion, as in the case of the video experience. To better understand the operation of waterproof gadgets, the Technoreviews has a publication that can clarify their doubts.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has scheduled for release on April 11 in 150 countries. The expectation of price of the phone in Brazil is 2,899 reais, in the version without a contract with carriers. You can follow here the news you bring daily on the smartphone.