G Watch The Smart Watch From LG Powered by Android Wear

Last week, the manufacturer LG has announced the launch of a smartwatch clock under the name LG G Watch, but few details about the product were released – aside from the fact it run Android Wear, the version of the mobile operating system for wearable devices.

G Watch

Now, some pictures posted by LG’s accounts in social networks reveal more details of the release, including him in operation on the wrist of a person. It is not possible to draw many conclusions just by the angles of the images, but apparently the body clock is quite thin, almost of the same thickness as the bracelet itself. Still, a useless border occupies a lot of space on the display.

The “square” and discreet design reminds a lot more smart watches that are already on the market, like the Sony SmartWatch clock 2, instead of also announced Bike 360. Also physical buttons are not detected.

lg smartwatch g watch

The message posted along with the images on social networks contain only a “coming soon”, but it is believed that LG G Watch is released in the second quarter of 2014.