Full Screen Caller ID

caller idBIG! Full Screen Caller ID is an application that displays in full-screen mode to profile photo of contacts linking to you. The program can collect images in high definition to your Facebook friends and Google +, displaying the picture with the best possible quality whenever your phone rings.

The feature also serves to manage contacts, showing all of them in smaller blocks or even lists. You can customize the contents of the screen, choosing which image will be used and still setting manually which people will have or not the photo displayed in full screen.

Other details can also be modified, such as click or slide the button to answer a call. This free version of BIG! Full Screen Caller ID limits to five the number of contacts that can be configured. For more than that, you will need to purchase the paid version of the application.

A new way to view who cares

THE BIG! Full Screen Caller ID proposes to make better use of the entire space of the screen of your device, displaying an image in high quality and occupying the display completely when someone calls you. Although count on some settings, use this app doesn’t demand too many changes.

All you need to do is install it and then integrate their social networks to him to facilitate the use of quality photos. You can select a new theme, which changes the buttons for answering calls, and also set only a few or all contacts will have images displayed when you call for you.

Above you gave a full description about Full Screen Caller ID-BIG! and its features, know now what we think of him
BIG! Full Screen Caller ID is an app that displays your contact’s photo in full screen whenever he calls you. It connects to your social networks to download an image in high definition and allows you to define which contacts should be identified that way when they call your number.

The idea of this app is very good, offering a resource highly recommended for those who want to make the most of all the screen of a smartphone has to offer. In General, the BIG! Full Screen Caller ID is easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge to do so.

The interface is well organized, with an intuitive menu and translated into Portuguese, which makes it even more precise handling of BIG! Full Screen Caller ID. The level of customization is also a plus, as it allows not only the definition of a topic (which changes the look and style of the buttons), but also the precise definition of the functioning of the app.

In short, it does not need to be configured in the details to work well, but it can be done, which puts the BIG! Full Screen Caller ID in a privileged position: to be nominated for both lay people and for more experienced users. The big “failed” is limiting, because it allows only five contacts are configured in this free version.

It is not difficult to understand why this is a downside, it’s very likely that this number is not even 10% of all the contacts you have on your calendar — so know that you will need to filter well. But without doubt the BIG! Full Screen Caller ID is an interesting option for those who like new in time to customize Android.