FooView – Enhanced User Interface for Android

In today’s world, we can’t afford to stay away from the phone for a longer duration of time as this can stall your schedule. You need your phone not only to make phone calls but to check messages, emails and other important apps. After a point, it gets irritating to switch between apps and it is certainly quite time-consuming. Well, there is an app that can enhance the User Interface of your Android and it can help you in accessing the apps quite fast. There are many other features offered by this app apart from this and here is a short review of this article.

Features of FooView

Drag and Select – The best part about the application is that it lets you make a drag selection. This is similar to the interface that you use in Windows PC and it certainly adds to the convenience. You can select a portion of the photo and share it with help of the interface that comes with the app.

Translate – To translate text, you do not have to copy the text and paste it to the Google Translator anymore. You can simply select the text with help of the app and click on the translate button for translation.

Photo Search – If you wish to perform a photo search on the web then the app can make that easy for you as well. You can select the photo from the viewfinder and simply use the search engine with help of the app.

Easy File Preview – The application also offers easy file preview interface which helps you from getting rid of the pain of opening the file and closing it again.
Application Switch – Apart from the features mentioned above, you also get an option to switch apps with help of Foo View. This is more of gesture control switch wherein a simple swipe can take you to a different app.

Much More – These are some of the features of the app. There are many more features which you should surely get the experience of after installing the app on your phone.

General Review

Talking about a general review, the application has been rated by over 51 thousand people and the rating of the application is 4.5 stars. The best part of using this app is that it doesn’t hang or it doesn’t slow down your phone. More than 5 Million people have installed the app and they are using the app to increase the ease of using the phone. The App is updated regularly and that is another good part of the app as you get new features regularly.

Compatibility and Support

In terms of compatibility, the application can be installed on any Android device that is running on Android 4.1 or above. In addition to this, you can also install the app on tablets. The size of the app depends on the type of phone you use but it is certainly not much.
You can also download this enhancement to your UI and enjoy using your phone with a new look and feel. Below is the download link of the app which will redirect you to Google Play Store and you can install the app from there.