Facebook for Android: profile photo is displayed in the notifications bar

Do tests on interface changes along with a select group of users is common practice of Facebook. And the latest update of the application for Android devices, released yesterday (19) certain accounts, not only reformulates leading options aesthetically app notifications bar: now, the profile photo is displayed by the app.

This implementation is not available to all members of the social network, because the fit is still in Beta phase. The upgrade, as well as done by the update before this, let the icons “Friendship requests”, “messages” and “notifications” arranged next to the photo of the user profile.


The application can be removed from the Android notifications bar through a quick setup: just click on the “i”, positioned to the right of all icons, and access the page “Settings” – Disabling the display of profile photo can be made also by means of this option. It is not known whether the new design of the user interface will be in fact incorporated in the updated version of Facebook for Android.

However, it is quite likely that clarification on the news app for Android appliances are soon made by Facebook. As published yesterday (19), a test program for the social network Messenger application will allow collecting users evaluate the quality of the software.

“As in the main app from Facebook, our goals with this program are to expand our group of testers and gain feedback through more than one set of devices,” said Luiz Scheidegger, infrastructure team engineer for mobiles. Stay tuned to your notifications and wait for official confirmation about the eventual officialization of the new features.