Essential Kit 2014: The best programs for those who play on PC

As usual, at the end of last year we published a series of guides to shopping for our readers had the necessary information in your hands in time to buy a new electronic equipment.

Among the various selections of devices that assemble, were some designed for PC gamers, including tips on video cards; processors and motherboards; mice, keyboards and headsets; cabinets, fountains and RAM; notebooks for gaming; and the hottest titles launched during 2013.

Essential Kit 2014

With these articles, our intention was to leave you more apt to search and negotiate the purchase of a new computer or upgrade your old machine. But there’s a catch: many people, especially those who are migrating to the gambling on PC, feel lost in relation to software are useful to further enhance the gaming experience.

So, we decided this time to get the programs with greater usefulness for this audience of gamers. Here, you’ll find alternatives to monitor the consumption of computer resources, update the necessary drivers, intended for machine processing power for games, perform overclocked components, capturing the best moments of your gambling, among other activities.

Updating drivers

NVIDIA GeForce Experience
drivers update
To the video card of your computer offers the most of its potential and, hence, you get the best experience possible with her, it is essential that all drivers are up to date for that component. So, we started our collection of programs with the NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

This application is intended for NVIDIA products, more specifically the series GeForce, informing the player whenever a new data packet is available. Depending on the model of your graphics card, this software can also serve as a tool for automatic optimization capabilities of the PC are more directed to the reproduction of the games.

AMD Gaming Evolved

AMD Gaming Evolved

If you are more familiar with the world of gaming, the NVIDIA’s major competitor in the segment of video cards is the AMD. Thus, this second company could not fail to have their application in order to maintain the required drivers updated and try to adjust the settings of the games according to the hardware specification. This is the AMD Gaming Evolved.

The great advantage of using this type of program is his ability to identify and implement the most appropriate configuration for a given title based on components in the PC. In other words, you only need to run the game and worry about the fun. Some of the best games of today are supported, like BioShock Infinite, Far Cry 3, The Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim, Diablo III, Borderlands 2 and several others.


If the Gaming Evolved AMD does not support your video card, you can also try the AMD Driver Autodetect — this is a much simpler software focused on updating drivers, including by downloading and installing them automatically as needed.

If any of these programs cited here is not compatible with the GPU on your computer, whether it be from NVIDIA or AMD, you can find this functionality in applications “generic”. Two of the most respected software for this are the Magic GPU and the Display Driver Uninstaller.