Equalizer is an application that allows you to improve the quality of the music played on your smartphone or tablet through a smart equalizer. By default, when you enable the “auto-Preset” function, the program detects the genre of the song that you are listening through its ID3 tag.

If you do not use a compatible player or don’t want to use the automated system, you can select a preset manually. In total, there are eleven styles for you to try: “Normal”, “Classical”, “Dance”, “Flat”, “Folk”, “Heavy Metal”, “Hip Hop”, “Jazz”, “Pop”, “Rock” and “Latin”.

By tapping the arrow-shaped button at the base of the display, you can still adjust the intensity of various frequencies and manually control the “bass”, “surround” and “amplifier”. It should be remembered that only the paid version of the Equalizer support Spotify and other players based on streaming.

Above you gave a full description on the Equalizer and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you’re a fan of music equalizer, Equalizer is a good thing for you to try. The application, which has years of experience in Google Play, supports 11 musical genres and can automatically recognize the style of the song you’re listening to apply the “preset” right.

The interface of the program is very lightweight and easy to use, because all the options are displayed right on the home screen and just tap on one of the icons to activate a filter. Equalizer continues to run in the background and recognizes most of the players that come installed by default in Android.

The greatest limitation of this free version is that she is only able to recognize the genres of local songs in MP3 format. Breeders that use streaming, such as Spotify and Pandora, for example, are only supported in the paid version.