Dumpster Video & Image Restoration

drumpsterSmartphones have become important devices that carry many personal data, like photos and videos, and that sometimes, for some reason, we delete such information. In despair, sometimes the belief that there’s no way how to retrieve deleted files from a mobile phone, but A will show that there is. Both Android devices as iOS.

This application is simple and offers a function which always lacked for Android: a dumpster. With it, you can remove files from your computer without problems, because they are separated for you to restore later.

Video Image Restoration dumpster is an application for Android that will add a recycle bin for your phone. Other than Windows, the Google system does not provide this function by default and this causes all items removed from memory are deleted permanently.

With the Dumpster you won’t have that problem, since all removed items are sent for him and are stored in a compressed form, but in a way that makes it possible to its restoration to the previous state.The interface of this program is very simple and you will not have many problems to adjust your settings. In addition, it is important to note that it only supports audio, video files, text documents and images.

Remember that if you delete the file through the Dumpster, it is removed permanently and you will not get it. Then carefully analyze each item listed to not make mistakes again.The Dumpster is an application very well evaluated for file recovery, he retrieves a range of huge extensions, according to the description of his own: “pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, ppt, doc, avi, mpg, jpg, rar and all common file types”. He doesn’t need root, however, it comes with the option of running with superuser mode. The reason? Unknown. Maybe make recovering files that are in directories with superuser privilege. Only enable this function of root if you are aware of what you are doing.

But what if you deleted a file before you have the Dumpster installed and now wants to recover it? What to do? There have other applications that do not work the same way as the Dumpster. Undelete: the Undelete requires root. Install the application and it will do a search for deleted files on internal and external memory.

It is important to remember that files like videos and other with many MB or even GB can be recovered with some damage. Because after being deleted, they will be overwritten by new files.

How to use it: go to the directory where the file was originally, scan and see if you can retrieve the file or files that you want to. If recovered, try saving this file in Dropbox or Google Drive, close the application and see if you can view the file with perfeiçãoA free version of Undelete just recovers image files.