Dodol Wallpaper Android

The dodol locker – wallpaper is a customizable lock screen that will help you leave your Android much more beautiful and safe. The first time the app runs, it is necessary to choose the dodol locker as lockscreen-standard and also select the launcher which will open soon after the release of the screen.

By default, the dodol locker – wallpaper uses the security method that was already active in the gadget. In this way, the program continues requesting your numerical password or the default visual registered without any kind of interference.


Touching the + button located in the upper right corner of the display, the application displays all the customization options, such as Theme Shop, My Theme, Settings, Wallpaper and Widget. That way, you can completely change the appearance of the lockscreen or make minor adjustments in the information displayed in it…Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the dodol locker-wallpaper and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you are not satisfied with the standard screen locking your launcher, the dodol locker – wallpaper is without a doubt one of the best programs of the genre for you customize your lockscreen the way you want.


The default theme is very stylish and pleasant and respects the security system that you had already enabled on your device. In this way, the dodol locker – wallpaper will continue requesting the PIN or the visual pattern that was already registered, so that you need to do it all over again.

Total customization

Another advantage is that there are dozens of stylish themes for you to download for free, which allows the lock screen combine perfectly with the style of your launcher. Another cool feature is that you can choose the information that may or may not appear on the display, such as the date and time, or the weather, for example.

During our test, using a Samsung Galaxy S3, the dodol locker – wallpaper proved to be very stable and fast and does not display any kind of propaganda. In fact, the only limitation that is worth mentioning is that the application is not compatible with tablets.