CyberLink PowerDirector

power director
If you think creating videos full of special effects, soundtracks, subtitles and a host of other resources is something just for professionals, so the CyberLink PowerDirector can surprise you and demystify this “myth”.

With it, anyone can edit the way you prefer, since those who have no experience with this type of activity to those who wish to adjust advanced way the minutest details of a specific recording.

Is valid to mention that this application supports the most common formats of video, audio and images — be they in the form of files saved on your computer or from other sources, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, video capture cards and cameras.

Warning during installation
Time to implement the CyberLink PowerDirector it is important that you are well aware. That’s because he offers and installs by default additional software that do not have any relationship with its operation. If you do not want these additional applications to be added to your machine, be sure to clear the check box for them — as shown in the image below.

All for you
One of the biggest attractions of the CyberLink PowerDirector, especially for those who do not have much familiarity with editing, is the tool “Magic Movie Wizard”. It offers a kind of guide which will guiding you to add recordings or images, choose a predetermined style of effects and set the soundtrack.

At the end of this process, the application itself performs a series of configurations and settings and delivery the issue ready, you simply decide if you want to generate a file and save it on your PC (and can share it through email, social networks or personal website), write to an optical or move on to the advanced editing feature.

For those who already know
But the CyberLink PowerDirector do not stop also provide advanced functions. With the complete editing tool, you are able to add filters to customization, Visual effects, animated frames, text boxes and rollover images.

Here, it is possible to merge videos, images, audio and effects applied to deliberate way, simply drag each item to the position of time required. There are dozens of options to leave your fitting the way they want to and it is still possible to create a free signup to access a gallery with several other elements to enlarge the possibilities of customization of its production.

Compatibility and quality assurance
When working with multiple sources for more complex videos, it is common to come across problems of quality difference. To resolve this issue, the CyberLink PowerDirector uses a technology called “TrueTheater”. Basically, it aims to improve the appearance of the final images. In addition, the software allows your productions to be saved in various formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, MKV, among others.

You can choose between different levels of quality within each format, facilitating the lives of those who just want a lightweight video to put on the internet or who needs better image definition. You can still choose between options for reproductions in 3D, select the most appropriate file type for each device (cell phones, and other devices) or upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Even more your way
Other interesting news of the program are included in the plugins, which can be accessed from the “Edit” button. There, you find the “MultiCam” Designer and the “Theme Designer”, which promise ease enough life that you want to use the CyberLink PowerDirector professionally.