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6 Mar 2019

Catch the Mobile intruder

Did you ever lose your Android phone? If the answer is yes then we surely know that feeling and it is really not a pleasant feeling to deal with. If you have never lost your phone then
9 Sep 2018

Expense manager : The No 1 App For money management

Most of us use an expense manager applications which helps us in managing our expense and at the same time they help us in abiding by the budget. These apps basically store all the transactions from all
20 Jul 2017

Review of Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

Medisafe is developed as the app to keep a track record as the name suggests to remind you to take your pills on time, the app also helps users to keep a track record of their blood
15 Jun 2015


EnglishUp is an application that offers a complete course of English for you to study in the comfort of your home and when you have time available. The program seeks to pass the lessons for videos and