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30 Jan 2019

About TRAI new cable network laws

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India as you know is one of the top in-charge organizations that set the rules and guidelines that every telecom related firms in India should abide. It is well-known fact that every
17 Feb 2018

Transfer Money Through Whatsapp

WhatsApp recently introduced the payment feature in India and this feature was rolled out on the Android Device as well as iOS Device for selected users. Do you know what this payment feature is all about? Well,
24 Jul 2014

Resistive memory: technology allows cell phones up to 1 TB of RAM

The various technical specifications of smartphones and tablets that improve with time, the RAM looks like one of the more “stable”. You see devices with capacity between 512 MB and 3 GB, but no one seems that
22 Apr 2014

7 memorable quotes from Steve Jobs

The late founder of Apple made it clear their professional and personal values, and they still influence many people (Image source: reproduction/Lifehack) Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, at the age of 56 years, but is still
22 Apr 2014

Picturephone: the invention more flawed the whole story 50 years

An iconic photograph of the first Picturephone produced by AT&T (image source: TDI) Nowadays, the only thing you need to do if you want to chat on video with someone is calling your webcam and use Skype