Catch the Mobile intruder

Did you ever lose your Android phone? If the answer is yes then we surely know that feeling and it is really not a pleasant feeling to deal with. If you have never lost your phone then that is surely a good thing and we hope that nothing like that happens either. However, you can also take preventive measures to mitigate the risk of theft. It is quite an easy thing to do with Lockwatch app. If your phone ever gets stolen then the app can help you in recovering your phone quickly. So, here is a short review of the app.

Features of Lockwatch
Stealth Photo -If your phone is stolen and if some tries to unlock it with the wrong code then the app will automatically click a snap of the person using the front camera and it will send it to an email which you would have chosen.
GPS Coordinates of Phone – The app not only sends the photo of the person who tried to unlock your phone but you will also receive the GPS coordinates so that you are aware of the location of your phone.
Stealth Mode – The app works in a stealth mode and the size of the app is less than 1 MB. This feature keeps the app invisible to the person who is trying to access the phone.
SIM Change Notification – The application also detect SIM changes and this feature not only notifies you about the SIM Change but also shares SIM Number and Subscriber ID.
Power On Notification – Apart from the features listed above, the application can send you an email notification as soon as the phone is turned on.
Record Sound Clip – The premium feature also allows the app to record a sound clip and take multiple photos for you.

General Review
This is surely a great app and a lot of users prefer using the app. The free features are enough to catch the thief of your phone and if you just got an expensive phone then you can also go ahead and buy the paid version of the app which comes with more features. The last three features mentioned above are only for the paid users and the app costs about $4. In terms of general review, the application has a rating of 4.5 stars and it has been reviewed by over 43,600 people. Talking about the installations, the app has been installed by over 1 Million users. There can be more features added to the app like erase my phone and we are sure that such features will be added with upcoming iterations.

Support and Compatibility
The application can be installed on any phone running on Android 5.0 and above. In addition to this, the size of the application when installed is just about 1MB which is a great advantage. Apart from this, there are no such support and compatibility requirements for the app.
So, what are you waiting for? Install the phone and protect yourself from phone theft. The download link for the app is listed below.