camscannerThe CamScanner is a very useful application for those who work with documents and need to keep papers scanned very often. It is very simple to use and includes several tools that enable a better scanning documents.

Once you install the app, you can already get the job. Choose one of the first two icons in the bottom bar, between making a new image or use any existing one. Once the image is open, you can start editing.

CamScanner himself makes a pre-selection of the image, separating in a green space the location to be scanned. If you want, you can drag the corners of the markup or leave the selection as is. Once you confirm the selection, the CamScanner automatically adjusts brightness, contrast and image perspective for whom the text is readable.

At the bottom of the screen you can still do more modifications, how to rotate the image to the sides. Once the work is complete, select the sign in form of the letter “v” in the right corner of the screen. A new menu appears with the images that have already been captured. If you want to continue to shoot more pages, just choose the capture buttons and file.

When all the pages of a document are in the application, you can share content via email or Bluetooth. If you prefer, you can also export the contents to PDF by selecting the Adobe icon at the bottom of the screen.

Above you gave a full description about its features, and learn CamScanner now what we think of him
The practicality of CamScanner is the most impressive: the application can be used by anyone, even if you don’t have that much ability with the system. The application works perfectly even without the user of many commands. Automatic selection of the documents is the biggest highlight of the app.

The possibility to export a document to PDF and make sending e-mail directly give even more positive points for CamScanner. All this in a totally free application is what causes the CamScanner earn a position of advantage among other similar applications.