Call Reminder Notes

callreminderCall Reminder Notes is an application that lets you avoid forgetfulness about an event involving their friends.

However, even if it’s not the focus of the program, you can also use it to store notes for various purposes.

Even if the application is working properly, the developer warns that it may conflict when you have an interceptor calls installed on your device. Thus, there may be problems for the display of the Note If this is the case or just a slightly different position on the screen.

Note to know
If you’ve forgotten something that was combined with a friend, you know how this situation can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. The purpose of the Call Reminder Notes is to ensure that this never happens, displaying messages whenever you receive or make a call to the given contact.

The main screen of the program is clear and it shows his duties in the form of button. In the notes you can observe the notes ever created or mount her, opening the editor. On each item you can add a title, body text and the associate to a contact. Similarly, you define if the reminder must be seen to make or receive calls or in both cases.

Above you gave a full description on the Call Reminder Notes and its features, learn now what we think of Call Reminder Notes is a program whose function is to offer a place in which you can create annotations that will be displayed when you receive or make a call. Thus, it is possible to say that your goal is to help you not to forget any appointment scheduled with your contacts.

Yet that is not the main function of the program, it can also be used to make simple notes, because everything that is created in your editor remains listed on the main screen of the application. This tool, including, usage is fairly simple, providing a field for the title and one for the text you want.

So, to fulfill the role of the app, you can associate a contact her and set if will appear in the receiving or sending a call. That way, you won’t have to worry about many fields to be filled and, in the same way, everything is done in a few steps, making their use even for beginners.

Flexible and bold
The central screen of the program is elegant and offers the functions in the form of button. Similarly, if you need or want to delete one of the notes, simply check the desired item and use the option displayed on the top of the screen. The annotations created remain listed on the screen until they are erased, so that you can have a control of assembled items and even the advantage again in the future.

The system for the visualization of notes is simple, showing the titles of them in the form of a list. In other sectors, there is also a good system for the display of the data, assisting in visual identification of the content. The program has no templates, however, as this is not its main purpose, that’s not enough to be a problem.

The application eliminates the need to create an account for your use and he is extremely light, not bringing in smartphone use, even in those with somewhat limited resources.