Bills Reminder

bill reminder
If you suffer from forgetfulness and lack of organization in your financial life, Bills Reminder is an application that can be very useful. He is able to create reminders for the Bills that must be paid (and you have to get) in simplified form.

First, give a name to your account. You can also add a picture — it can be of the invoice to be paid, for example — and choose a category. All categories can be edited and you can add new options.

Then choose the final date for payment and when you want to receive the notice on your device. On the homepage, Bills Reminder is able to display amounts paid and received, making the rough estimate of how much money you have left over in the month.

Above you gave a complete description about the Bills 1.0.5 and its features, Reminder to know now what we think of him
Bills Reminder is not an supercompleto to do the financial balance of your bank account. He was also not designed to help you trace goals and save money.

Your goal is simple and very useful: create reminders for bills that must be paid. He brings an unattractive interface, with colours off and few visuals. However, the elements are arranged in an orderly manner and the app is very easy to use.

The small form to add an account is filled quickly and you can even add a picture — it can be the ticket to be paid, credit card information, or until the receipt of a purchase.

Bills Reminder can still take stock, showing what you’ll get and what you will pay, to see how much left at the end of the month. That is, if used properly, the application can be an excellent time to help keep the Bills on time and still make a money for you to spend.

The whole process is easy to do and you can even create new categories, to keep things organized. The warnings might happen within the time limit set by you, and Bills Reminder still brings a calculator embedded in its interface, to make your life easier in time to mark the expenses and payments.