Apple TV: new generation of appliance must JUST renovated and games store

Apple TV
(Image source: BGR)

As if not enough news disclosed by the Wall Street Journal about the possible partnership between Apple Comcast for the next generation of Apple TV, more technical information about future gadget in question were also disclosed yesterday (23) by specialized site 9to5Mac.

According to the publication, the next version of set-top-box from Apple will be presented in the second half of 2014 and will bring a new operating system based on iOS. The unit also must rely on a games shop own similar to the App Store, allowing its users to install several titles on the device (or play via streaming, who knows?).

The same sources also claim that Apple allows you to release the new system for older versions of Apple TV, providing support for owners of older editions of the gadget. These people theoretically can update their devices and enjoy the new content without having to pay anything for it – it’s very likely, however, that performance is not the same and that certain resources are limited to the new product.

No information about the hardware or methods of interaction with the new set-top box (such as motion sensors or voice control) was released.