Adobe Premiere Pro

The updated version of Adobe Premiere Pro has arrived! Now with a series of tools that support videos of Virtual reality (VR), the popular editing software won, yet, mechanisms to facilitate the import of media. Now, images captured not only by the parrudas Red Epic 5 k and Red Scarlet-X can be loaded to the editor: the Red Weapon 8 k, Red Raven and DJI X 5, used by drones, can also submit their recordings to the effects of the program.

Are at least three major changes that accompany the update: just got even easier to work with in proxy, improvements in the editing palette of colors were made and tools dedicated to VR clips are available to the user. Plugins developed by partner developers from Adobe, the automatic download of pictures or videos from the Adobe Stock and the possibility of imported files preferences pre-configuration are other highlights.


Presets and media proxy configuration

When you create a project, you can now define in advance the settings that should be applied to any imported media. You can create a copy of the videos, convert them to a new format or attach a proxy to each clip, which is nothing more than a low resolution video based on original media intended for manipulation through editing tools – this feature is valuable to anyone wanting to render videos faster, since the changes applied in proxy can be also attributed to RAW files.

It is still possible to import saved presets from Creative Cloud, but another of the highlights concerning the suggestion of suitable projects to the user’s hardware and video type used, for example. Fact is that, in cases where proxy templates are created, an intelligent system of distinction will apply editing effects only on the duplicated files without compromising the original media.

Thinking on optimizing performance and valuation of technical settings of each computer, the updated version of Adobe Premiere Pro also terminates processes in the background at the time that proxy edits are being made. To view the copies or original media, the “Proxy” button can be accessed from the toolbar, displayed below the monitor.

Automatic download of Adobe Stock media

Another implementation concerns the integration between Premiere Pro and Stock: when searching by keywords, which admits searches from filters based on file type, the automatic download of a video, for example, can be done. Will suffice, then drag it to the timeline to add it to the project.

More color editing capabilities

In view of the request for a multitude of users, Adobe also has improved color editing features. In practice, it is easy to select individual colors or color groups for isolated modification. Simply access the new service Limetri HSL, define the tones that must be changed and edited.

There have been changes also in Tere Scopes: tones can be viewed and processed in high or low resolution, admitting the intensity adjustment – entitled to control of brightness through the new feature Wreck 2020.

Editing of Virtual reality (VR)

Another big improvement is also the native support of echo rectangular videos (file type created by software dedicated to the junction of the catches made by recording cameras in VR). Although traditional, rectangular viewing permit, from the desktop, Adobe Premiere Pro supports a preview mode without screen like sunglasses that display content on VR.

Edits are applied in real time about the media and can be viewed from click on the monitor – click, hold and drag to simulate the movement of gyroscope. Plugins developed by Adobe’s partners can also be used: transition effects, for example, now are available to the user.

Open Capture support

Similar to subtitles, Open Capture has been added to the options of capture of the editor. This function, unlike Closed Capture, is not restricted to the type of device used by the Viewer (such as TV or cell phone): Edit the size, style and font color, and export the text to any compatible services. Handle the Open Capture is easy, once you simply copy and paste the line that should be displayed for the video and then set the start and end times for the line.

It is worth noting that, as in previous versions, the tools of Adobe Premiere Pro are intended for professional editing of videos.