27 Nov 2018

Neighbourly: Get Answers to your Questions from Neighbourhood

There are many apps and platforms that you can use to get the answer to your questions. This has certainly made things easy for you but it can still be difficult to find an answer to the
24 Oct 2018

FooView – Enhanced User Interface for Android

In today’s world, we can’t afford to stay away from the phone for a longer duration of time as this can stall your schedule. You need your phone not only to make phone calls but to check
9 Sep 2018

Expense manager : The No 1 App For money management

Most of us use an expense manager applications which helps us in managing our expense and at the same time they help us in abiding by the budget. These apps basically store all the transactions from all
2 Jul 2018

NetGuard – Firewall to Save Data Usage

Mobile Data is a precious resource and many times we end up downloading videos or applications on the mobile data. This can exhaust your data pack before the billing cycle or if you are not on a
3 Jun 2018

Azimuth: Chrome Extension to Download Facebook 360 Photos

You would have come across Facebook 360 Photos and Videos. They are really amazing and they add a sense of reality to the photo. If you have a VR then the photo can actually take you to