24 Jan 2017

ITRC Rail connect

India is being developing in the technical field. The railway department is not an exceptional case that also have involved in the development. They have been launched an application for rail ticket booking purpose. This is been
26 Sep 2016

Lexis Audio Recorder / Editor

Audio Recorder is an application that enables audio recordings in a few clicks. In addition to recording, you can replay the captured audio and edit it according to your needs. Despite the tool be available to other
22 Jul 2016

Planner 5D – Home Design App

5 d-Home Design Planner is a program that lets you assemble projects of rooms or even to plan an entire House. For this, he offers a wide range of objects to you doing the planning of physical
19 Jul 2016


Cross your arms and fix way more comfortable on the Chair to read texts on the internet, with this app for Google Chrome. The Teleprompter automates the scrollbar of the browser and makes the text go down
18 Jul 2016

Adobe Premiere Pro

The updated version of Adobe Premiere Pro has arrived! Now with a series of tools that support videos of Virtual reality (VR), the popular editing software won, yet, mechanisms to facilitate the import of media. Now, images